Scholarships & Bursaries

Rishworth School provides an excellent, balanced education for its pupils and seeks positively to offer to as many potential pupils as possible the opportunity of studying at the School.

 The Scholarship and Bursary schemes support these aims by encouraging applications from gifted pupils and from pupils who would otherwise be unable to afford to attend Rishworth without financial support.  Details of the schemes are set out below. All Scholarships and Bursaries are subject to the availability of funds.

Recipients of our Scholarships and Bursaries are expected to behave in an exemplary manner and to act as role models for other pupils.  The conditions and obligations that attach to these awards are also set out below.

Year 7

 A number of scholarships are available for award to pupils entering the school in Year 7 in recognition of academic ability or with regard to Performing Arts, Creative Arts or Sport. These are determined through assessment, interview and with reference to school reports.

Academic Awards

The Wheelwright Scholarship is awarded for academic excellence and based upon performance in the Entrance Examination. Funds have been set aside to allow for a full free-place consisting of a 50% Scholarship and where it is appropriate, a means-tested 50% Bursary. Any Bursary support provided would be after application to the Bursar and dependent on a demonstration of financial need (see bursary section below).

Further Academic Scholarships may be awarded based upon performance in the Entrance Assessment at the discretion of the Head. As with the Wheelwright Scholarship, pupils in receipt of an academic scholarship may also apply for a Bursary.

All scholarships are open to pupils applying for entry to Rishworth School into Year 7 (11+ age). Further details can be obtained from the Registrar.


Sport, Performing Arts and Creative Arts Scholarships are awarded for excellence in each respective sphere, at the discretion of the Head. Candidates will be required to attend an assessment or audition on a date published by the school. Details about the application process can be obtained from the Registrar.

Sixth Form – Year 12

 A number of Scholarships (Academic, Performing Arts, Creative Arts and Sport) are available to students entering the Sixth Form at Rishworth. Students within our current Year 11 are invited to apply for these Scholarships should they wish to and may do so even if they are already in receipt of another award. The aim of the Scholarship scheme is to recognise excellence and more particularly, discernible talent, ability and potential.

Academic Awards

Students applying for an Academic Scholarship will write a short letter of application stating why they would like to be considered. Following this they will be asked to sit our online assessment and will be invited to an interview where they will have the opportunity to talk more about their recent academic progress, their achievements and ambitions. Academic performance and progress (including recent exams) relating to their chosen course of study will be considered within the process. Students wishing to join the Rishworth Sixth Form from another school and who wish to be considered for an Academic Scholarship will be subject to the same process but required to submit information relating to their academic progress (such as reports and exam results) as part of the process.

Sport, performing arts and creative arts Awards

Students applying for Performing Arts, Creative Arts and Sport Scholarships will write a short letter of application stating why they would like to be considered. Following this they will be invited to attend a short assessment, interview or audition as appropriate. Details about the application process can be obtained from the Registrar.


A Bursary may be awarded to support a course of study following a demonstration of financial need and at the specific recommendation of the Bursar.  Such awards are reviewed on an annual basis at which stage the award may be renewed, changed or removed in accordance with each new demonstration of financial circumstances.  In addition, bursary awards sometimes can be awarded for short periods of time to help support parents with sudden demonstrable financial problems.

For details of how to apply for a scholarship or bursary, please contact the Registrar on 01422 820 920 or email

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