Curriculum In General

Taught by a qualified staff of dedicated specialists, the curriculum, both academic and non-academic, is broad and stimulating, and offers every pupil the chance to be challenged and to excel. Rishworth enjoys a justly high reputation in sport, music, art and drama and a wide programme of extra curricular activities is on offer to all pupils.


The unusually high degree of individual attention afforded to pupils by small teaching groups, the careful monitoring of progress, co-ordinated pastoral support and a close working partnership with parents enable pupils to build on their strengths and allow specific needs to be addressed. The School embraces the spirit of the National Curriculum and goes well beyond it in certain areas. We do not, however, insist that all students follow every detail of the National Curriculum. We prefer to have the latitude to tailor a pupil’s programme of study to suit that student’s particular educational needs. Details of the present curriculum are to be found on an insert at the back of the prospectus.

Examination Results

We are proud of our public examination results at both GCSE and A level. There is of course variation from year to year, depending upon the strengths of each particular cohort. As a general indication, however, our 5 A*-C Grade ‘pass’ rate at GCSE over recent years has been about 85% and, at A level, under the AS/A2 structure, there has been a near-100% pass-rate with a third of all Grades being As and over half of all Grades being As or Bs. We were also gratified when, recently, in the national exam results' tables, we were placed in the top 25% of all schools in the country for 'value added'. 

Since at Rishworth we have a wide range of aptitudes, with not only academically gifted students but also some who are singularly disadvantaged – for example by not having English as their first, or even their second, language - our results are all the more gratifying.

Individually, the strongest candidates achieve their string of A grades, whilst the results of a number of students who from the outset find academic work particularly tough often exceed all expectations. Ultimately, we remain far more interested in how each pupil fares relative to his or her own potential than in global statistics (which we believe can be misleading).

"The small class sizes have ensured our son has had individual attention and achieved his maximum - wonderful!"

Parent of Sixth Former.