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Clubs and Activities

With a break of some one hour and ten minutes between morning and afternoon lessons, the structure of the day facilitates the proper, extended pursuit of non-academic clubs and activities.

Some of these (such as music, art, drama and sport) have been thriving for decades; some are newer, but now also well established; others emerge to reflect the particular interests of pupils at a given time.

Typically, some thirty to forty different clubs and activities from 'Project Green' Gardening Club, Science Communications, Debating and Paired Reading to Film Club and Duke of Edinburgh's Award are on offer in any given academic year. A fuller list may be found at the back of this prospectus.The whole school, both pupils and staff, is encouraged to take an active part in this wider curriculum, which is regarded as a key ingredient to each student’s personal development. The aim is to build self-confidence through the acquisition of expertise by ensuring that pupils make the most of their strengths and interests. We try to help every pupil find some activity at which he or she can excel.

"There are loads of clubs and teams to join - there aren't enough days in the week to fit them all in."

A Year 7 pupil talking about the range of extra-curricular activities.