Creative Arts

Music, Art and Drama thrive at Rishworth both as out-of-class activities and as academic subjects. All three can be studied to G.C.S.E. and "A" level, practised recreationally, or both.


A team of highly qualified specialist staff provides tuition in all orchestral and brass instruments as well as in other disciplines, including piano, guitar, drum-kit, singing, percussion, organ and electronic keyboard. Our pupils’ success in Trinity College Music Examinations and their achievements regionally and nationally are quite outstanding.

The teaching of Music has been much enhanced by the introduction of music technology where students can develop their composition and sequencing skills. There is a Choir (which often sings in four parta), a Concert Band, Big Band and various small ensembles covering every musical family. Instrumental players are always deeply involved in the musical festivals, concerts and recitals which are held every year, and which are of an exceptionally high standard. In recent years there have been music tours to Denmark, France, Austria, Czech Republic and Italy, and several students have been selected to play at regional and national levels. 


The fine quality of Art at Rishworth is in evidence in the Department and is on display around the School such as in the Reception Area. Students gain genuine fulfilment by expressing themselves in drawing, painting, three-dimensional work, and other media. The keenest artists go on to study at some of the country’s most prestigious Art Colleges.


Drama is a popular and extremely successful subject in its own right. The opportunity to perform is given excellent foundation at Heathfield where productions are mounted at least twice a year. Rishworth past productions have included 'Grease' and 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. We have a well resourced Performing Arts Centre where the senior students have staged many challenging productions. These have included 'Accidental Death of an Anarchist' 'In Camera' 'The Trojan Women' and 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' as well as many one act plays devised by the students.

"The environment and facilities enable the pupils to be so creative."

An Open Morning visitor.