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School fees include tuition, materials, educational visits (but not residential courses), sports and educational travel, swimming lessons, and most clubs and societies.


For boarding students some trips and excursions are included in the termly boarding fee others are offered at a subsidised cost. All compulsory boarding trips are included. Other charges may be applied i.e. dry cleaning, travel to hospital / orthodontic appointments etc. Please contact the Registrar for further details.

Are There Hidden Extra Charges?

Rishworth School has always endeavoured to ensure that as much as possible is included within the fee and therefore minimise any extra charges for parents. There are a number of things, however, that are charged separately and as extra. These include school lunches (day pupils), which are compulsory and public examination fees. The cost of school lunches is payable at the beginning of each term and public exam fees as and when they are taken.

Optional Activities

A number of pupils involve themselves, with your permission, in optional activities that require a charge in order to run. Examples of this might include music lessons (though most instrumental teachers deal with parents directly and separately to the School) or an activity such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award or ABRSM and Trinity Music Exams. Optional Trips and expeditions may also be organised from time to time. Recent examples include trips to Nepal, Barcelona, Iceland and the frequent and popular ski trips. Whilst this is not an exhaustive list of possibilities, the principle remains that the cost of these optional activities will be charged separately and as ‘extra’ to the main body of fees. Should you like to know more about fees and additional costs please contact the Fees Office for further information.

Direct bank transfers are the preferred method for receiving payment although more traditional debit and credit card payments are accepted as are cheques. All cheques should be made payable to Rishworth School. Please contact the Bursar or the Fees Office for bank account details.

In common with other independent schools, when a pupil joins the School a deposit is required which will be credited to the pupil’s account and returned after (s)he has left the School, less any outstanding fees or charges. Once a pupil has been registered and the deposit paid, no additional deposit will be required. On the completion of the necessary documents and on the payment of the entry deposit, the pupil’s name is entered into the School’s Admissions Register for pupils due to start their schooling.


The entry of a pupil’s name in the Admissions Register marks a binding contract between the parents / guardians and the School that the pupil will be commencing studies at the School. Entry deposits are not refundable in the event of the pupil’s name being withdrawn from the Admissions Register at any stage prior to the time when the pupil is due to start.


No reduction of fees is made by the School for absence through illness. Parents are recommended to join an Insurance Scheme to cover fees in the event of absence due to illness. The School can provide the details if required.


Personal Effects:

Pupils’ possessions, effects and baggage are not insured by the Governors against loss or damage, either on school property, elsewhere or in transit to and from school. Parents are strongly advised to obtain such insurance which can usually be done simply through an extension on their own “all risks ” policies.


Personal Accident:

The School maintains a Pupils’ Personal Accident Insurance Policy to give cover in the event of specified serious injuries occurring. The cover is operative whenever the pupil is engaged in any activity, arranged at or through the School, within the UK. Details of benefits can be supplied on request.

Summary of Current Fees


Fee Discounts

A number of fee discounts are provided for within current arrangements. These are reviewed by the Board of Governors from time to time.


Sibling Discount

There is an allowance of 5% on the tuition fees of second siblings as long as an older child is at the School. This will be calculated on the net general fees where scholarship or other allowances are deducted and will apply to both boarders and day pupils. A further discount is available for third and subsequent children; details are available from the Bursar.


Forces Discount

Rishworth School has traditionally had strong links to the armed forces and, in particular, to the Wellingtons (now the Yorkshire Regiment) to which our CCF was associated. There is a 10% reduction on fees for children of members of HM Forces. Full details about how fees for members of the armed services work are explained here.


Church of England Clergy Discount

Rishworth enjoys very close and strong links with Halifax Minster. John Wheelwright, through whose bequest Rishworth was founded in 1724, required the school to conform to the tradition of the Church of England. There is a 10% reduction on fees for children of Church of England Clergy.

Payment of Fees

All fees are payable in advance and before the first day of the term for which they are due. For those parents who wish to pay monthly this can be done by paying in advance, for example paying on 1st June, July, August and September for the Michaelmas term, then the 1st of October, November, December and January for the Lent term and so on. Unless by prior arrangement, fees not so paid are subject to a surcharge of 1.5% per month, accruing on a daily basis.

Notice of leaving

A full term’s notice in writing is required before the removal of a pupil or when changing from boarding to day pupil or vice versa. A full term’s fees will be payable if a pupil is withdrawn without notice. Various methods of paying fees are available, including monthly instalments. Please contact the Bursar for further details.

Variation of Fees

The Board of Governors reserves the right to alter fees without notice before or after a pupil’s admission. However, every effort will be made to give a term’s notice of variation. In practise, fees generally only vary on an annual basis.


Fee refunds are not available should the School be forced to take the decision temporarily to close the School for bad weather or other such reason. For full information, please refer to the prevailing terms and conditions.