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“The aim of Art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” (Aristotle)


Some academic subjects and disciplines are purely cerebral. Others combine the power of the mind with the creativity of the heart. Art is such a one.


All pupils study Art within the academic curriculum until they are 14 years old at which point they may choose to study Art as one of their GCSE options. At 16 they may further choose to study Art as one of their A level options. Art is a highly regarded within the British education system and provides a creative and challenging option for those who wish to pursue it. Within the curriculum pupils are introduced almost every medium of art including painting, sketching, sculpture, pottery and a myriad other forms.


Beyond the curriculum, there are opportunities for pupils to explore art and their ideas through the extremely popular Art Club.


Year 8 Sculpture work

The Year 8 have been making sculptures in the style of Barbara Kobylinska.