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Through boarding, we aim to give the young people in our care the very best opportunity to become well-balanced, responsible adults who are willing to contribute to society at large and, in so doing, to enrich their own life and that of others.


To some extent, all forms of schooling have this as a goal. However, we believe that living in a boarding community, with the continuity in relationships it provides and the direct experience of diverse cultures and people it offers, constitutes an education that reaches into a young person’s core in a particularly deep and lasting way.


All of the boarding accommodation has been designed around the idea that it should be a home from home. Study rooms are generous in size and built around modern kitchen, lounge a washing facilities which are all shared, as they would be in the family home, by a small number of individuals. Through establishing a careful mix of privacy and communal living and through an emphasis on homely decoration and the generous provision of facilities and activities, pupils are encouraged to mix with each other and develop the deep and lasting friendships that has become the hallmark of the Rishworth Boarder.

What our Boarders will experience in their time with us:

  • a balance between privacy and sharing, and between freedom and guidance, as appropriate to the age and particular needs of the individual
  • a blend of people, practices, provisions, and place where students can thrive, feeling properly “at home”, happy, cared for, healthy and secure a flexible and convenient system for pupils and parents to remain properly in touch
  • an exceptional breadth of experiences and activities
  • a stable environment that offers a clear but supple structure of support, promoting both the value of learning and the growth of the person as a whole
  • a spirit of community and a sense of belonging
  • a respect for the rights, cultures and beliefs of others as well as for the material fabric of both House and School
  • the ability to live harmoniously and considerately with others, and to be organised, orderly and increasingly independent in the routines of daily living
  • a readiness to assume, and the capacity to discharge, appropriate responsibilities
  • a high level of self-discipline and self-reliance coupled with a will to participate, co-operate, help and care


All Boarding Schools in the UK are regulated by the government and inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) every three years. Rishworth School has achieved the highest rating for it’s boarding and been commended for its pastoral care, academic achievement and the packed activity programme that has been developed for our boarding community.

“The overall quality rating is outstanding” (Government Inspectors)