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Boarders' Out of School Activities

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Rishworth School is committed to ensuring all staff, contractors and volunteers who have substantial or regular contact with pupils of the School are comprehensively checked as to their suitability to work with children in accordance with the current legislation.

Child Protection: Vetting Individuals with Access to Pupils

There are occasions where parents want their child to be involved in an activity that occurs outside of the School. An example of such an activity might be that their daughter would like to attend a particular Church every week. In such circumstances, it is not possible for the School to extend the safeguarding and vetting checks to the individuals or groups that the girl will be meeting up with. In such situations, it is a parent’s responsibility to ensure that that they are satisfied that their child is safe in every respect within the situation that they have asked for permission for their child to attend and particularly with regard to health and safety matters and safeguarding.


We strongly recommend that parents and/or guardians contact the individual, family, Club or Association for information about the planned activity such as (but not limited to):

  • Vetting checks that have been undertaken by individuals who will be supervising the child
  • The activities planned and the names and experience of those providing supervision
  • Sleeping / washing arrangments if relevant
  • How many people form the group and their age ranges.

The Role of Guardians

We appreciate that parents of overseas pupils may find such contact difficult and we therefore suggest that parents ask guardians to authorise the particular activity and to be responsible, on behalf of the parents, for making the suitable enquiries described above.

Who can we check?

The categories of person the School will ensure are checked for suitability for working with children include:

  • Teaching staff
  • Non-teaching Staff
  • Supply staff
  • Volunteers
  • Temporary staff (including agency staff)
  • Contractors working on site for an extended period of time or on a regular basis (Sports Coaches, Invigilators etc.)
  • Taxi Drivers of the company/companies approved by the School for the transportation of boarders

Who can’t we check?

The categories of person the School cannot check regarding their suitability for having access to children and young people include (but are not limited to):

  • Members of a family with whom a boarder might wish to spend a night away at the weekend
  • Organisers and members of public sports (or other) clubs or groups (e.g. a Church or Mosque) a boarder might wish to attend off the school site
  • Guardians appointed by parents

Gaining Permission for an Activity Outside of School

If parents wish the School to allow their son/daughter to spend time in the company of a person or persons outside of our jurisdication, the School will require specific authorisation from the parents on the ‘Authorisation form for boarders’ external activities’. This should be completed and sent to either:


The Housemistress of Wheelwright (girls):

The Head of Boys’ Boarding: