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Full Boarding

The majority of boarders at Rishworth School are Full Boarders and this means that they are resident at the School all through the academic year except for during specified periods such as holidays and Absits (Exeat weekends). There is an extensive activity programme to ensure that the evenings and weekends are packed with things for boarders to do. Full boarders come from the UK and from abroad. Some have parents who are members of the Armed Forces (see separate information).

Weekly Boarding

Boarders who live more locally may opt to board on a weekly basis where they will be resident from Sunday and then return home for the weekend after Friday lessons or Saturday morning sporting fixtures. Weekly boarders are able to arrange to stay in boarding over the weekend if they wish to and indeed, many choose to involve themselves in weekend activities laid on for Full boarders.

Flexi Boarding

Pupils who live locally and have a need to board for a couple of nights a week. This is often to do with parent commitments or a desire to give a child the opportunity to develop a greater level of independence through the experience of living away from home without doing so permanently.

Occasional Boarding

This is something that we can offer to day pupils should there be the space in boarding to do so. There are occasions when work or other commitments may require arrangements to be made for children. Increasingly, parents of day pupils will use the occasional boarding option that is available at Rishworth to ensure that their children are safe and well cared for during such times. Occasional boarding will not follow a particular pattern but is likely to be for a few nights at a time. Occasional boarders are able to involve themselves in the activity programme that is provided for full boarders.


Occasional and flexi-boarding are available on a pro-rata basis.


"Flexi-boarding has allowed me to combine my study, friends and activities in ways which would have been impossible as a day pupil; for example, I now have two groups of friends - one at my parents' home and one in my other 'home': Rishworth!" Quotation from a flexi-boarder.

Character and Independence

Boarding in the Rishworth Sixth Form provides an ideal background to life at university allowing students to live in many ways more independently than at home yet still with appropriate guidance and supervision, and with plenty of opportunities to take on responsibilities. This may explain why sixth-form boarding at Rishworth is becoming more and more popular.


Many parents find weekly boarding the perfect solution to busy working lives: it leaves them free to devote the week to their career commitments and the weekend to their children. Other families choose weekly boarding for the GCSE and sixth-form years to enable their sons and daughters to concentrate better on their studies, to reduce the time spent travelling to and from school, and to avail themselves of Rishworth’s study facilities and its experienced, supportive House Staff.


Parents find flexi-boarding convenient when their child has an activity that finishes late or starts very early or when they are away from home for an evening, a few days or more.


We offer all pupils the opportunity of trying out boarding at Rishworth for one night free of charge (the availability of rooms permitting). That way, the pupils can decide for themselves what it’s really like.