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Boarding Structure & Accommodation

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The Structure of Boarding

Calder House

Is the name of the collection of the five areas in which boys board around the school site. Each has its own resident staff to ensure that boys are well looked after and safe and each area has its own modern kitchen and living spaces for the boys to use. Younger boys reside in Slitheroe House and are looked after by the Head of Boys’ Boarding who lives with his family in attached accommodation. Older boys live in Ryburn and Redmires in the main school block. They have their own resident staff who live within the boarding houses with their families. The oldest boys live in Wolden House and the Goat House Barn where they enjoy greater freedom as they prepare for university whilst being loosely overseen by resident staff. 


Is the girls’ boarding house and used, in times gone by, to be the Headmaster’s House. Girls are looked after by the resident Housemistress who lives in accommodation attached to the boarding house.

Boarding Accommodation

Our boarding facilities have spacious bedrooms.  Boarding areas typically have a mix of single and shared study bedrooms.  Most boarding students – and all seniors – are accommodated in single- or double-occupancy rooms (we have no dormitories); some younger pupils may share a large study-bedroom with two or three fellow boarders. Our experience is that shared rooms in the early years can provide a secure and happy basis from which to gain the maximum benefit from boarding. Older boarders all tend to have their own rooms, though some may also prefer to share with a friend. Boarders treat Rishworth very much as a home from home and are encouraged to personalise their rooms.


Each boarding area its own has well equipped common room that is a relaxing and comforting space.  The boarding houses have a range of multi-media (TV, Wi-fi, games consoles) and each has kitchen facilities.   Food is tasty, healthy and plentiful, with extra snacks of cereal and fruit available in boarders’ kitchen areas at all times.