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Guardianship of Boarding Pupils Attending Rishworth School

All pupils who live overseas or whose parents are abroad are required to have a guardian resident in Britain. This guardian must have the parents’ ongoing consent to act in loco parentis in respect of the student. The guardian must be a proper and responsible person, over 18 years of age, residing in the U.K., and named and approved in writing by the parents. It is the guardian’s responsibility to ensure that the School has an accurate and up-to-date record of his/her full name and contact details.


Educational guardianship is largely what each individual makes of it but does involve specific duties which are essential as well as practices which are desirable. How extensive the role of the guardian is will depend upon many factors, including the age and character of a student, how far away from the School the parents live, how easy direct parental contact from the School is and how quickly the parents themselves could be at the School in an emergency. The pointers below are intended to be of help to educational guardians, both actual and prospective.


Essential duties of an educational guardian include:

  • being easy to contact and ready to act in case of emergency, for instance by being able to offer or arrange suitable accommodation to the student if (s)he has been suspended from school for a period.
  • being prepared (and authorised by the parents) to take critical decisions on the part of the student in case of emergency – for instance if the student has been hospitalised and requires urgent surgery, where parents themselves are not immediately contactable.


If required by the parents or School, an educational guardian should:

  • make the required travel arrangements for the students – e.g. by purchasing tickets, arranging visas, collecting (or arranging the collection of) the student from the airport etc., at the beginning of the school term and seeing that (s)he is conducted safely to the School.
  • arrange travel at the end of term for the student, and making sure (s)he is conducted safely to the airport etc.
  • provide a home for the student during half terms and absits or occasional weekends: absit requests must be made by 9.00pm on the Thursday before the weekend. Letter, fax or email are preferred but a phone call to the Housestaff will suffice if these prove inconvenient.
  • liaise with the School on matters such as the academic/ pastoral progress of the student. Rishworth provides guardians with copies of their students reports so they are kept informed of progress.
  • be aware of the student’s academic Tutor who can help with problems relating to their program of study.
  • liaise with Boarding House Staff regarding matters such as the student wishing to spend weekends etc., with another pupil and making sure these arrangements are satisfactory to all concerned.
  • provide in the place of parents the care, commitment and support normally given by parents to their child to see that reasonable steps are taken to secure his or her well-being and development.


Ideally, educational guardians with extended roles should also try to:

  • give the student the opportunity of living in an English home and of allowing him / her to experience some of the cultural features of life in Britain.
  • attend Parents’ Evenings arranged for the student so they can raise with academic staff any matters of concern and then pass them on directly to parents.
  • be supportive of the students progress and interests at school e.g., by attending, when possible functions and events in which the student is involved.

Information on Guardians for Boarders

We require all pupils who live overseas or whose parents are abroad to have a guardian resident in Britain who acts in loco parentis. Chief among the responsibilities of a guardian, who must be a proper person, over 18 years of age, residing in the UK and named and approved in writing by the parents, are to be available to look after the pupil in loco parentis, with the parents’ ongoing consent, during holidays, absit weekends and at certain other times such as emergencies, illness or exclusion: to arrange safe travel arrangements for the pupil when (s)he is travelling to and from the School at these times; and to be available for the School to contact easily at any time, as required. We should need to know this guardian’s particulars before a boy/girl joined the School.

For information about local home-stay guardians please contact the Registrar by telephone: 01422 822217 or by email: