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From the Headmaster

Rishworth School has a long association with service families and with the military. All families who place their children in boarding invest a huge degree of trust in the school that they select. Service families have particular needs for their children because of the nature of postings and the implications of active engagement in situations around the world.


As someone who grew up on bases and who attended probably half a dozen junior schools, I understand how important it really is to ensure stability in educational provision. Service children are unique in their needs: few children have to grow up knowing that their parents might be posted to the other side of the world and into the heart of a violent conflict at any moment. For this reason, these children need to be supported by strong pastoral care that provides the security, confidence, and solid background that these situations demand.

Philosophy and Values

It is our belief that every child, no matter what their ability, should be intellectually curious and develop a genuine life-long love of learning. It is our mission to nurture and develop that spirit of thinking to create an intellectual adventure through the education that we deliver. We seek to nurture a generation who enthusiastically embrace and entertain new ideas, a generation understanding that bold thinking and intellectual ‘off-roading’ is the route to innovation and revelation.


Rishworth is a boarding and day school that, in keeping with its long heritage and Church of England foundation, recognises the strengths, skills and talents of each pupil. Heathfield is the Junior School to Rishworth School, with pupils aged three to eleven. We believe that all children should achieve their very best academically and should enjoy a wide range of extra-curricular activities, developing the confidence and skills that they will need to meet the challenges that they will face in adult life. The current extra-curricular programme includes team sports, drama, music, and a wide variety of clubs and societies, trips and expeditions, both within the UK and overseas. Leavers currently study at universities rated within the top six in the world, play representative sport at club and international level, including rugby for England and football in the premiership, and a recent pupil, currently studying Music at Oxford, presided, for a period, as the resident composer for the National Youth Orchestra.


Our latest whole-school and boarding inspection reports achieved the highest rating of ‘outstanding’ and the school has also been included in the top third of schools nationally in recent years, for value added, where pupils have achieved significantly more than base-line information might have predicted. Excellent statistics and official accolades, important as they might be, account, however, for only a small part of the picture of the Rishworth pupil; a young adult fully prepared and eager to play their part in a challenging and complex world.