Flexi-boarding and weekly boarding

At Rishworth day pupils are welcome to stay overnight at any time. Over the last few years we have had increasing demand for pupils to spend the occasional night with us, or to become weekly boarders staying from Sunday to Thursday night.

Many parents find weekly boarding the perfect solution to busy working lives: it leaves them free to devote the week to their career commitments and the weekend to their children. Other families choose weekly boarding for the GCSE and sixth-form years to enable their sons and daughters to concentrate better on their studies, to reduce the time spent travelling to and from school, and to avail themselves of Rishworth's study facilities and its experienced, supportive House Staff.

Parents find flexi-boarding convenient when their child has an activity that finishes late or starts very early or when they are away from home for an evening, a few days or more. Recently one family chose flexi-boarding for a few weeks to prevent their son's studies being disrupted by the major building-work which was going on at home. Whatever the reason and whatever parents and pupils require from flexi-boarding, we will do our very best to help.

We offer all pupils the opportunity of trying out boarding at Rishworth for one night free of charge (the availability of rooms permitting). That way, the pupils can decide for themselves what it's really like.

"Flexi-boarding has allowed me to combine my study, friends and activities in ways which would have been impossible as a day pupil; for example, I now have two groups of friends - one at my parents' home and one in my other 'home': Rishworth!"
Quotation from a flexi-boarder. 

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