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Careers Education is largely covered as an integral part of the Personal, Social and Health & Citizenship Education provision.


The underlying aim behind the careers work that we do is to enable the pupils to make appropriate career related decisions. As pupils work their way through the various year groups they are encouraged to develop the self-analysis and investigation skills which they require to make decisions.

Careers Education at Rishworth

In Year 9, the world of work is introduced and pupils are encouraged to begin considering career possibilities. This links with the guidance which is provided to help select appropriate GCSE options. Tutors play a valuable role, as do the teachers who provide information about their subjects to supplement the Choices Booklet. Pupils begin to look at CVs and the interview process that goes with them.


In Year 10 further work is carried out on self-analysis and linking this to career families. At this stage the pupils are given guidance on the resources in the Careers Library and are made aware of what to look for as well as how to look. All pupils undergo a week of Work Experience during the Trinity Term, which provides useful information about the world of work. Year 10 pupils are also involved in an enterprise venture. After listening to external speakers talk about their career pathway and being given advice on setting up a business the pupils go off in their teams with £10. The challenge is to try and return in Year 11 with more than this, and documented evidence of how they have achieved it. Careers guidance information is given to parents at the start of Year 10 as part of the Year 10 information evening and at the end of Year 10, prior to work experience.


In Year 11, much of the work covered in the fortnightly PSHCE lesson relates to careers. Topics such as post-16 options, investigating possible careers, job applications, equal opportunities and interview preparation are all dealt with. All pupils also have the opportunity to take a Morrisby profile. We have trained providers in school who administer the test and discuss the results of this psychometric profile with every pupil on an individual basis.


As the Rishworth Sixth Form is the natural objective of many of our pupils, there is a great deal of introductory work in terms of Sixth Form life as well as AS / A level subject familiarisation. The Year 11 pupils attend a Sixth Form Taster Day and Open Evening and are given a Sixth Form Choices booklet. Tutors will provide valuable support and advice; discussions about post GSCE options will take place at the Year 11 Parents’ Evening.


In the Sixth Form, there is a well-structured programme related to Higher Education including guidance on UCAS, apprenticeships and job applications. Tutors will provide support and advice with regard to university application and Sixth Form students involved in the UCAS application process are encouraged to visit university open days. The enhanced Sixth Form curriculum includes aspects such as application forms, CV writing and interview techniques.

Other Information

There is a well-stocked Careers Library which provides books, leaflets, videos and CD ROMs, covering job information, interview and job application advice as well as university prospectuses.


Interviews with local career service officers can be arranged.