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London Research Project

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Launched in 2013, the Project was conceived with a view to encourage greater scholastic rigour and intellectual curiosity. Every year, members of Year 10-12 are invited to submit a proposal outlining an enquiry that that they would like to pursue within the rich resources of the capital city. The best proposals are selected for the annual trip and the pupils who are successful spend three days interviewing experts and visiting museums, galleries and places relevant to their research topic.

What is involved?

  • Pupils in Years 10-12 are invited to put a research proposal to a Dragon’s Den of teachers.
  • Proposals need to be rigorous and can be on any topic that interests the pupil or pupils. The most important thing is that the proposal is robust and the pupils genuinely passionate about the object of their enquiry.
  • The pupils behind the successful proposal will develop a detailed programme of enquiry for the time that they will spend in London. This will include contacting experts, universities, museums and any other relevant location.
  • Whilst in London the pupils will stay in a comfortable hotel and enjoy a treat such as going to a West End show.
  • Following the Trip to London, pupils are required to put together a research paper and presentation that they then will deliver to an invited audience.


The aim of the Project is to encourage enquiry and reward passion whilst introducing pupils to the sorts of skills that they will need in the pursuit of their academic studies both at Rishworth and at University.

Recent Projects

  • The evolution of the London Theatre scene from Shakespeare to the Modern Day.
  • A comparative study on air quality in London and Beijing: What can Beijing learn from London?
  • What is the future of the automobile?
  • How viable is the Bitcoin?
  • How sustainable is Internet Vlogging?
  • A history of film from its inception to the modern day
  • Is there a future for plus sized models?
  • A study on nuclear fuel and energy consumption.
  • The wounds of war: a study of the impact of the First World War on the development of modern medicine.