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On Pi Day (14th March), the Maths Department issus the Pi Challenge. Now, you will know that Pi is an irrational number and is currently measured at over a trillion decimal places … well, the challenge is to try and memorise Pi to as many decimal places as possible. In 2016 one Year 9 contender memorised Pi to 23 decimal places and an Upper Sixth contender managed 70 decimal places. Both extraordinary achievements if you consider that most of us struggle to remember a telephone number. Even so, they weren’t the winners. That honour went to one of our Year 8 pupils who memorised Pi to an unbelievable 131 decimal places.


You might think that such an impressive record would be secure, however, it was smashed by a Sixth Former in 2017 who managed to recite Pi to an even more incredible 220 places.


Pi Day is an institution now at Rishworth. Fun and serious at the same time, the quest for the longest recitation remains.