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At Rishworth School and Heathfield we endeavour to place information that we think is important to our parents as they seek to organise their and their children’s lives. Some of the information, such as the annual Rishworthian Magazine, contains information about the various things that our community have been involved in outside of the curriculum over any particular year. Other information is more routine although very important, such as bus timetables and leave of absence request forms.



Amongst the many useful things that we publish for parents there are a number of policies. We have a statutory duty to ensure that key policies are available to members of our community within the public domain, so we would like to draw your attention to this section of our website. In particular you should be aware of our policy in matters relating to safeguarding.


Exam Results

We are proud of the achievements of our pupils in their examinations and publish results in a way which maintains their privacy whilst reflecting the overall achievements of particular cohort.