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Absences During Term Time

  • Absences During Term Time
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It is the School’s policy, in line with current legislation, that pupils should not miss school for any but the most exceptional circumstances. Family holidays, for example, would not normally be considered as an exceptional reason.


Where such absences are genuinely unavoidable (for example, a family wedding or medical appointment) a Request for Pupil Leave of Absence Form should be completed and forwarded to the Headmaster, outlining the reason(s) for the proposed absence.

  • Copies of the form can be obtained from the Form Tutor, the School Office or downloaded from this page
  • Parents are asked to give a minimum of two weeks’ notice for a request
  • Absence from school is normally acceptable only for medical reasons, in which case it is vital that parents notify the School on the first day of absence by telephone 01422 822217 between 7.50 am and 8.40 am
  • Parents should also provide a written note of explanation to the Tutor on the pupil’s return. This will be placed on a pupil’s file

Parents are responsible for making sure that their children receive a full-time education. If a child fails to attend school, under current legislation, parents may be guilty of an offence and can be prosecuted. The School is bound by statute to report extended unauthorised absence to the local authorities under the Child Missing Education and Safeguarding legislation.