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Duke of Edinburgh Award

2017/18 has seen a record number of pupils taking on the challenge of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award here at Rishworth. We have six groups trying to complete their Bronze award, with a further group entering the Gold Award.

At the time of writing the Bronze participants are planning their practice expedition. The gruelling two day expedition will take place in the local area and finish in Hebden Bridge. The students have been put through their paces at weekly training sessions ranging from map reading to route planning and first aid to menu design. They are eager to get out into the field and put their training into practice following the cancellation of the March training day due to snow!


After a successful practice expedition, the pupils have to plan and prepare for their final expedition in the stunning Yorkshire Dales. This time they will have to navigate, set up camp, cook and wash up, whilst being assessed in the process!

The pupils have learnt a new range of skills, perseverance in bucket loads and an appreciation for the outdoors, all whilst having fun; another successful year!


Intellectual Curiosity

Rishworth’s Intellectual Curiosity programme is an excellent opportunity for students to explore something about which they are passionate. At the start of the academic year pupils present their ideas to staff. This “Dragons’ Den” style process ensures the best projects are selected for the programme. During the next few months the successful students work with their assigned mentors to develop their ideas into a research project. This involves: devising an itinerary of attractions for a trip to either London or Manchester, depending on the year group of the pupils involved, and contacting professionals who work in the area of interest and asking them to provide more information. Pupils must also carry out their own primary research whilst away. All of this is then used to create an artefact, or a written report of their findings. A presentation evening of all projects occurs the following academic year.

Last year we had some fantastic ideas ranging from “The History of Comedy” to “The War of the Roses and how it shaped Britain today”. The London trip also involved the students taking it in turns to navigate the group around the busy streets of London and a trip to Shakespeare’s Globe to watch a gripping rendition of Romeo and Juliet.

This year the students are working on their projects as we speak and we are very much looking forward to their findings. This year’s projects include:
• Understanding dreams and how do people with sensory impairments dreams’ differ…
• World hunger and its solutions
• How women are portrayed in mainstream media
• The rise of street food
• Could the exoplanet ‘Proxima b’ be inhabited?
• Aeroplane engines