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Choral Scholarship

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Rishworth School has a rich tradition in Music and is pleased to have created a new link with Halifax Minster which will bring some of its choral tradition in to the things we do here.


Active members of the Halifax Minster Choir are now eligible for a Choral Scholarship within School that amounts to a 10% remission of fees. The scholarship is only available to those entering the Senior School and is normally awarded on entry into Year 7. Those in receipt of a scholarship will join the School Choir and support the Music Department in the various events and performances that they organise. The scholarship ceases to exist at the point at which the recipient leaves or is no longer actively involved in the Minster Choir.

Active membership of the Halifax Minster Choir means regular weekly involvement in services and practices. Prolonged absences and non-involvement in regular rehearsals and services will lead to a review of the choral scholarship.