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Ford Rugby Academy at Rishworth School

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The Vision

The Ford Rugby Academy at Rishworth School aims to allow promising young rugby players the best possible opportunity to develop as a player and possibly even follow in Old Rishworthian, George Ford’s footsteps into the world of professional rugby.


We believe that alongside hard work and personal dedication, Rishworth’s programme of technical, tactical and athletic development gives young players the best possible chance to truly become the best rugby player they can be.


We are delighted to be able to offer this opportunity to our pupils with the support and involvement of the Ford family.

The Programme

  • Individualised training programmes delivered by outstanding coaches, focus on personal skill development.
  • The athletic development programme enhances essential rugby fitness components such as strength, power, speed and agility.
  • The adopted style of play encourages participants to be forward thinking and requires them to perform not only position-specific skills but also those needed in the more expansive modern game.
  • The team rugby programme allows players to implement appropriate skills in an environment which is challenging yet supportive. Current provision includes 15 a side rugby in the Autumn Term with both midweek and Saturday fixtures and involvement in the National Schools Cup.
  • In the Spring Term, the emphasis is on Rugby Sevens including involvement in competitions such as the North of England, Fylde and Roslyn Park Sevens.

For full details, please have a look at our Academy Brochure.