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  • EAP – English for Academic Purposes
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The EAP Department is at the heart of many of our foreign students’ needs and aims to develop a thorough knowledge of the English required for academic purpose.   The transfer of these skills into the curriculum is our priority.


Within timetabled lessons, we provide a focused and friendly environment in which the pupils enjoy studying.

EAP at Rishworth

EAP is taught within the timetable from Year 7 to Year 13. Year 10 and 11 students aim to gain a Cambridge IGCSE in English as a Second Language and all students aim to gain the IELTS qualification. The departmental targets for our students are IELTS Level 5 at the end of Year 11 and IELTS Level 7 at the end of Year 13.


Our ISS (International Study Stream) programme is available for all exam courses.  Here the students are supported further in their own curriculum studies, again in timetabled lessons. We work closely with subject teachers to offer and achieve the support required for each student to be as successful as they can be.


The Departments’ staff build close working relationships with the students where weaknesses can be identified and strengths encouraged and built upon. 

Outside the Classroom

We encourage our foreign students to speak English at all times and to take every opportunity to listen to spoken English. Class readers are studied in lessons and supported with relevant trips.  For example, after studying the ‘Brontë Story’ the Year 9s are taken to the Brontë Parsonage in Haworth. The activities organised through Boarding also give the students many opportunities to practice their English.

Other Information

IELTS is recognised throughout the world and many of our students are able to go on to university or into industry where their level is acknowledged and valued.