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Personal, Social and Health & Citizenship Education (PSHCE) is an integral aspect of education at Rishworth, and has been for many years. Lessons, tutor time, assemblies and pastoral time are all used to promote the many messages and values that PSHCE seeks to put across.


The overall aim of PSHCE at Rishworth is to ’empower through raised awareness and informed choice’.


The learning objectives are:

  • to develop skills, knowledge and understanding for living a fulfilled life and playing a full role in society;
  • to develop the ability to question, justify, judge and decide; and
  • to enable pupils to know what society calls ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and to understand why.

PSHCE at Rishworth

The content of PSHCE is vast, covering such diverse aspects as careers, personal health and hygiene, relationships, citizenship, addiction, study skills and decision making.


Clearly the role of parents and the family is crucial in the overall development of young people. At Rishworth we fully realise this and our PSHCE provision is aimed at enhancing everything which goes on at home as a matter of daily life.


Tutors play a vital role in providing PSHCE at Rishworth, in tutorial sessions and dedicated lessons.

Lower & Middle School PSHCE

Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils have a one hour PSHCE lesson every other week covering a range of topics that include an emphasis on British values and citizenship to social issues such as the use of digital media, bullying and personal health.


During their GCSEs, Year 10 and 11 pupils continue to follow the PSHCE curriculum and receive valuable support and assistance from tutors and pastoral staff.  There is a strong emphasis within the curriculum on careers/further education guidance and on exam/coursework related study skills.  Pupils learn to develop an array of skills from time management to effective working practices and revision techniques to job applications.


Year 10 pupils receive a one hour session every two weeks and sessions cover study skills and careers education.  There are visits from external university speakers, advice on interviews, writing CVs and a work experience week.  Pupils also receive advice and guidance on issues such as relationships, health, crime awareness, road safety issues, internet safety, alcohol and drug education.


External speakers are often invited into school as a “different voice” as this is often the best way of putting difficult concepts and messages across and consistently proves to be popular and successful.


During Year 11 pupils receive a one hour lesson every two weeks dedicated to similar issues and to the issue of Citizenship.  Year 11 pupils will also have Careers Guidance, including careers interviews and the opportunity for Morrisby profiles, study skills and exam technique as well as looking at employability and job choices.  Pupils may also receive careers interviews organised by Inspiring futures.


Opportunities are presented for pupils to become involved in charitable work and in the broader role of the School.


The careers section of the School Library is well resourced with computer software, books and leaflets.  Guidance is given on how to make the best use of these.

Sixth Form PSHCE

The Sixth Form have an induction course which involves a three day residential team building course, as well as a one day study skills course at the start of the school year, and then regular tutorials which deal with various aspects of study, careers development, planning for higher education, driving and health and social issues.

Outside Speakers

Visits outside School and expert guest speakers provide additional guidance, information and advice to enhance what is provided in house.


Guest speakers’ subjects have included:

  • relationships and sex education
  • drugs and alcohol awareness
  • road safety issues
  • positive guidance
  • disability
  • self-esteem issues
  • enhancing learning performance
  • self-sustainability


Visits have included:

  • ISCO careers advisor
  • Charity organisations
  • Calderdale school nurses
  • Incredible Edible, Todmorden

Values and Character Formation

At Rishworth, we aim to encourage pupils to achieve their potential in every possible way, to conduct themselves in appropriate and acceptable ways and to empower them to make rational and sensible decisions. PSHCE has an important role in achieving these objectives.