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Charity work and links with the community at large are an integral part of Rishworth life. Charity involvement allows pupils to develop life skills whilst at the same time making  difference in other people’s lives. School charity work is led by the Sixth Form Charity Committee who mentor younger pupils in the School. There are also charity committees in Year 11 and Year 9. The latter raise money annually via the ‘Tenner Challenge’ where business overlaps with fund raising. The School has raised thousands of pounds over the years for charities such as the Forget Me Not Trust, a children’s Hospice in Huddersfield; Overgate Hospice in Elland; the Riziki Foundation in Kenya; Bungamati School in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Charity Trek

Ms Lewis completed a charity trek with thirty people from all over the UK and Ireland to raise funds for The Alzheimer’s Society.


She arrived in Phoenix after twenty-six hours of travelling and the following morning we travelled through the Sonoran Desert to Sedona for an acclimatised trek. She then travelled to, camped and trekked for two days in the Grand Canyon where the scenery was breath-taking. The group then moved on to the Zion National Park in Utah for the final two days of the trek, again taking in the most amazing views.  Before returning home they headed to Vegas for the night, taking in the sights and sounds which were a big contrast to the Grand Canyon!


During the trek they encountered every type of weather including snow, sunshine and temperatures as low as -7 degrees at night. It was a challenging and emotional trip but extremely unforgettable.


Collectively they managed to raise a whopping £107,000, with Ms Lewis raising just under £3,500. She would like to thank everyone for all their support and good wishes


Bee Strong Bee Manchester

It all started with my daughter Millie, a year 9 student who had the idea to create a bee pin to help raise money, and show support for all those affected by the Manchester bombing.


Along with the support of Megan Needham, we made a small batch in the Design Technology department to sell at school.


Within an hour, we had sold out. So we contacted HPC Laser in Elland with the idea of producing more. Skip ahead just one week later and we will have raised over £10,000 with 2500 Bees in distribution.


Thanks to the incredible support of families, friends and businesses, we have been able to take a caring idea and turn it into something really special.


The Bee’s are now available in schools and businesses that are asking for donations of £5 or more. If any businesses would like to get involved, we would love to hear from you, as we’re also trying to find donations of 3mm yellow Perspex.

Thank you.

Musicals and Movies

December 2016 saw the performance of Musicals and Movies; a showcase of songs from famous musicals and popular movies. The show was in aid of a children’s charity called ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’, a charity that helps children and young people to have a wish of their choice. Over two performances, we managed to raise £1,200.51 towards this worthy charity. A representative of the charity said that they were “so grateful to everyone involved in the show, especially to Rishworth School”.


I wanted to produce a show so that I could see what it was like to create an original show. I also wanted to showcase the talent of singers and dancers who I have previously worked with. In around November 2015, I came up with the idea of making a show of things that I enjoy – musicals.


Then came the hard task of choosing songs and coming up with small sections of choreography. With an idea of what the show would be about, I presented my idea to Mr. Gloag, Headmaster of Rishworth, at the end of the Easter holidays. I was very lucky to have the full support of Rishworth School, as well as being allowed to use the Performing Arts Centre and the lighting, sound, costume and props that came with it.


Following this, I finalised the cast list and started to plan rehearsals. The initial rehearsals started in June. During these rehearsals, cast members got to know each other (as some were from Rishworth and some were from my drama class). We also practised solos and group choreography, contributed ideas towards the choreography and suggested different ways of singing. During these rehearsals, the show programme and tickets were being made. By the end of November 2016, a week before the show, we were ready to perform to a full house of around 200 people over two nights.


I would like to say a massive thank you to the staff and students at Rishworth School for supporting me in this ambitious project and for everyone who made the show a success.


E. Griffin, Year 8

Head Shave

S. Wilson in Year 8 shaved his head for the Macmillan Cancer Charity. He organised the whole thing himself and raised an astounding £478 for the charity. A massive achievement and one which his parents and the school are immensely proud of.


Charity Bike Ride

The text”ellis” campaign was started by Ellis’ dad, Richard, at the beginning of the 2013/14 football season, to help raise money to find treatment for his son’s rare Chromosome disorder, MECP2 Duplication Syndrome. During Leicester City’s promotion winning 2013/14 Championship Season, Richard and Ellis’ two uncles, took on the challenge of cycling to all of the twenty-three away fixtures, to help raise funds and awareness for MECP2 Duplication Syndrome.


Ellis has been carried out onto the pitch by Leicester City’s captain Wes Morgan and is adored by the players and fans. Every year the text”ellis” team now celebrate the achievements of the initial fundraising season by completing the text”ellis” anniversary ride. Since that season, the campaign has attracted nationwide attention and even Leicester City’s owners have donated to the cause. Every Season, the text”ellis” team now celebrate that success and raise further funds by organising the text”ellis” anniversary ride, which involves cycling to whichever fixture falls closest to April 25th, the anniversary of the final ride of the campaign in 2014.


This year’s text”ellis” anniversary ride took place on May 5/6th 2017, where a group of cyclists, including Rishworth student Chris Nicholls, took on the gruelling task of cycling from Vicarage Road, Watford to Leicester City’s King Power stadium, to raise money for the text”ellis” campaign. Not only that…but they cycled the distance of ninety miles all in one go, through the night!


The team of fifteen cyclists set off from Vicarage Road on Friday evening in an attempt to arrive in Leicester for kick off. They had a support van and planned their rest stops in villages and towns such as Leighton Buzzard, Milton Keynes and Northampton. The idea of cycling through the night came about because the roads are a lot quieter and they thought it would be easier. Indeed the roads were quiet, but tiredness started to kick-in during the early hours of Saturday morning.


After cycling thirty miles, they arrived in Milton Keynes for a bite to eat and a rest and it was clear to see some people were flagging, but it was ok, as the thought of Ellis’ condition having a cure, motivated and spurred them on. The team suffered the first puncture at 4:15am on Saturday and with it being pitch black on a country road, changing it was difficult and before we knew it, it was light again!


On the road to Leicester, every mile felt like five, and it was especially difficult with all the hills, in fact we had a saying “only one more hill” – this turned out to be a lie! But eventually we all made it, arriving in Leicester for around 10:00am with Ellis there to welcome us.


Chris said it was one of the toughest rides he has ever done, but it was worth it. As a reward, we all watched the Leicester City vs Watford match that afternoon and it was a thrilling match with Leicester playing like champions and winning 3-0.


Chris would like to thank you everyone who donated from Rishworth School, a lot of money has been raised, Ellis and family will be eternally grateful. At the time of writing, Chris had raised just under £300 of the team’s target of £5,000. Thank you.


Children In Need

This year students and staff at Rishworth School raised just shy of £1500 for Children in Need. The day saw some teachers receiving a crème pie to the face, pupils taking part in penalty shoot outs, a bake sale, a popcorn sale and festival face painting, which, despite its appeal, proved incredibly difficult to remove! Prefects were auctioned off during break time to those in the lower school, who enjoyed making them participate in humiliating activities such as shouting nursery rhymes to everyone in the car park! The day was filled with fun and laughter as well as raising awareness for an incredibly worthy cause.