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One of our highest ambitions is to see the pupils who attend Rishworth School develop the confidence and courtesy that will enable them to meet the challenges that they will face when they leave at the end of the Sixth Form to go to university, take up an apprenticeship or go into employment. One way in which this confidence is nurtured is through the cultivation of an atmosphere and ethos of trust, where staff and pupils can speak about things both within and beyond the formal learning setting. As a consequence there are strong informal channels of communication between the staff and pupil bodies. However, in addition to this culture of conversation there are a number of more formal opportunities for pupils and students to involve themselves in the decisions that the School makes.

The Lower and Middle School Councils

The Lower and Middle School Councils each meet with the Headmaster twice a term with a view to discussing the issues of the day. Members of the Council are selected by their peers ensuring that every form is represented. Apart from representing the view of their peers in meetings, Council members help form the agenda by raising issues that they would like to discuss and communicate back to their peers, the outcome of those discussions. Minutes are taken within the meetings and the Headmaster regularly consults with other staff and agencies where this is appropriate.


This year the Council have been extremely productive and have managed to achieve, amongst other things:

  • New outdoor seating. The PTA have agreed to purchase some new benches which will be placed around the tennis courts after a site survey was conducted by the Council Representatives.
  • Sites have been identified where additional shelter can be erected once funds become available.
  • Water bottles can now be brought into school and all taps / fountains have been clearly labelled to indicate if the water is safe to drink, so they can be refilled.
  • Football pitch lines have been painted on the ground outside the teaching block.
  • The mobile phone use within school has been clarified.
  • There are now distinct recreational areas for the different year groups during break times.
  • The day room for Years 7 & 8 has been moved and refurbished.
  • There is now discussion taking place within senior management to establish if there is an alternative bag rack solution which would meet the demands and solve current issues raised by the student population.
  • An issue regarding the school skirts for KS4 girls has been raised and the supplier has provided them with an alternative which was chosen by the Middle School Council Representatives.