Fostering strong links with the wider community is part of Rishworth's philosophy.

Sixth-form students founded and run the School’s Charity Committee and actively raise money for various charities each year such as 'Children in Need'. Staff are always ready to support and regularly end up wet, shaved or disappearing on a rope over a precipice – all for a good cause!

Senior students actively help in the community when participating in the Voluntary Action Group. The British Heart Foundation, the RSPCA, Oxfam and The National Kidney Research Fund are among the many charities we have supported in recent years. As well as benefiting the community at large, students broaden their own experience through these activities, all of which lies at the heart of Rishworth’s philosophy of education: the development of the ‘whole person’ and the cultivation of excellent interpersonal relationships.

We have strong links with an increasing number of schools, including some abroad, and regularly visit local Primary Schools to promote a smooth transition from Year 6 to Year 7. We also arrange reciprocal visits with Junior Schools to allow these younger pupils to participate in events such as our Science, Mathematics, Design & Technology, Geography and Home Economics, collectively known as the 'Rishworth Experience'. 

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