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Rishworth values the contribution of every student. The Learning Support Department ensures that our learning community is inspiring and challenging through supporting each individual student to reach their full potential.


The purpose of Learning Support is to remove any barriers in order to raise the achievement of all students who have particular learning needs. It supports students in acquiring the necessary skills and confidence to cope with the demands of the curriculum. Rishworth ensures a collaborative approach where there is a sense of responsibility being shared by all who are part of the student’s education. At Rishworth we focus on the unique talents, abilities and needs of the student and provide a supportive, emotional, social and academic environment in which they can develop.

Policy at Rishworth

Effective identification and assessment is essential for making good provision for the additional support needs of the students. Rishworth has a clear referral system whereby any member of staff may refer a student should they have any concerns. Where a pupil is referred, an assessment will be undertaken by the Learning Support Department. If necessary it may be recommended that an outside agency is consulted in order to conduct a full assessment of the student’s educational needs. Most pupils are identified prior to admission through primary/secondary liaison. This information is then included in planning and allows the identified students to participate in an enhanced transition process between schools.

Support for Pupils at Rishworth

At Rishworth there are two specialist teachers. One holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Dyslexia and Literacy; the other is registered with the British Psychological Society as a specialist assessor for educational testing. Both have years of experience in teaching students with particular learning needs. We also have one full time Teaching Assistant working within the Department. The Learning Support Department employs many strategies to enhance the education of pupils with additional needs. For some students this may be teacher support within class, whilst for others there may be a need for specialist support within class and/or additional support within the department. Every pupil with identified learning needs will receive an individual provision map outlining how resources will be used to address their needs. This allows the effectiveness of interventions to be monitored and provision adapted accordingly. It enables a seamless transition between classes, key stages and schools.

Levels of Support and Provision at Rishworth

Universal (Range 1) -This focuses on the effective inclusion of all children in high quality learning and teaching. At Rishworth the Learning Support Department will support class teachers in developing effective teaching and learning approaches through the sharing of teaching, planning, assessment, evaluation and the development and production of materials. This is achieved through consultation and co-operative teaching.


Targeted (Range 2) – Comprising of small group and one to one interventions. This can often be provided through class support, or small group, time limited intervention programmes delivered by a specialist teacher. These interventions are aimed at pupils who can be expected to ‘catch up’ with their peers as a result of the intervention.


Specialist (Range 3) – At this level students receive individual specific targeted support consisting of interventions that are additional to and different from the differentiated curriculum. For example one to one and small group individual learning programmes for pupils with severe specific learning difficulties.

Looking to the Future

Rishworth does everything possible to develop the abilities and confidence of our students. Both academically, where attitude and progress are celebrated equally, but also through a wide and varied extracurricular programme and an effective, supportive pastoral system.