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This section of our website constitutes a library of videos that we have created to show you a little more about our school. Most have been created by pupils or people associated with the school and so have even more meaning for us as they are made with love rather than photoshop! Our current school video was produced by Harry Meredith who is an Old Rishworthian. Many of the specialist videos were shot and produced by Nicholas Connor whilst he was in the Sixth Form. He graduated in July 2017. We hope that you will enjoy browsing and find a little bit of a different insight into the life within our school.

School Video

We have recently uploaded our video onto our Rishworth School YouTube and Vimeo channels.

Rishworth School Tour de Yorkshire Flash Mob

When the Tour de France came to England in 2014, we decided to celebrate. Mr Newby organised the manufacture a 12 foot yellow bike that took pride of place on the front lawn and Mr Thomas and his team took up the Headmaster’s challenge of organising a ‘flash mob’

Sixth Form Transition Video

This video was made by Nick Connor when he was in the Lower Sixth Form. and was building up a series of projects to develop his skills and portfolio. The students appearing in the video include those who have studied at Rishworth for most or all of their schooling as well as those who joined the school in the Sixth Form itself. Everything you see was created by a pupil.

Year 7 Transition Video

This video, also produced by Nick when he was in the Sixth Form was produced to help parents and pupils see what they might expect during the transition from Junior to Senior School. The pupils starring in the video had been in the school for around 4 weeks at the point of filming. Everything you see was created by a pupil.