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Rishworth School new and old

Across 2024, we will be celebrating 300 Years of excellent education at Rishworth School. 

Founded in 1724 by John Wheelright, Rishworth School has gone on to provide education for boys and girls for 300 years. 

Back then, the first brick was laid, building the foundation of our Chapel which we still use to this day. We will have opportunities over the course of the year for ORs and friends to visit the Chapel. 

Following this, 100 years later, the Wheelright Building was built, offering boarding accommodation for children across the country and worldwide. 

In the 1900s, we saw the introduction of our teaching block, music school and sports hall, as well as our Prep School, Heathfield Prep which has celebrated its 70th birthday last year in 2022. 

This year, we plan to share with you our 300 years of history. We have planned a number of events throughout the year for Old Rishworthians, Friends of Rishworth, and Rishworth Families to enjoy. 

Please view our events and how to book here: 300th Events