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History 1724

Rishworth School has a long and proud history stemming back nearly 300 years. It was founded and endowed by John Wheelwright in 1724, established in a modest but charming old building which is now the Chapel situated at the top of the hill that overlooks the school grounds.

As we approach our 300th anniversary, we look back at the foundations for which this school was formed, it was provided by John Wheelwright as an endowment for the education of both boys and girls whom were the children of the poorest workers on his estate.  

Our philanthropic mindset still underpins everything we do at Rishworth and whilst we are steeped in history, we look forward to our children's bright futures with a progressive curriculum which is modern and full of opportunity.

The School is a founder member of the Society of Headmasters of Independent Schools (SHMIS), established in 1951. The Society has recently been transformed into 'The Society of Heads' and continues the founding work of SHMIS. Rishworth is also in membership of the other prestigious and well-resourced organisations which oversee high standards in British independent education. These organisations provide a network of collaboration and resources that enable Rishworth to remain one of the leading British boarding schools.