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Boarders Travel

Boarders Travel

We try as far as reasonably practical to know the details of travel to and from the School for all our boarding students. For this reason we ask parents/guardians to confirm, at least two weeks before the date of travel, the mode of transport.

We will arrange transport to and from airports and train stations (see below) but we would ask any parents/guardians intending to pick up boarders personally to inform Liz Newman, Bursar’s PA by email at: Liz Newman before the two week deadline above.

The following information is directed towards the parents of boarding students who may be coming from abroad or from more distant parts of the United Kingdom:

• The School will, on request from parents, arrange the travel of students to and from Manchester, Liverpool or Leeds/Bradford Airports and to and from local railway stations at the start and the end of term and at half term. Parents will find that the Manchester stations are usually the most convenient and we consider them as being local.

• Below is information on young persons travelling alone and relates both to arrivals to and departure from the School. The School uses a local taxi firm that is very reliable. There are usually no difficulties in taking students from the School to airports, provided that we receive tickets and travel details (we require arrival date and time, flight number and arrival terminal) at least two weeks before the date of travel. We have a large number of students travelling within the UK and to destinations overseas and coordinating the arrangements to ensure as far as possible that students’ travel plans run smoothly takes a great deal of time to complete.

• When possible, the School will use a coach or minibus in place of taxis for travel to and from the School although, for the purposes of this section, the mode of transport arranged is not important.

• Please note that if we are asked to collect a boarder to/from the airport, taxi costs, including parking and waiting charges, will apply.

• Please consider the School opening times when informing us of last minute changes to travel plans. Rishworth School Reception is open between 8.15am and 4.45pm Monday to Friday. If an email is sent outside these hours, then it  will  be read at  8.15am  on the first working day after the email has been sent. If travel is due to occur before the email will be ready for school, please ensure that you have made appropriate onward travel plans. This underlines the importance of contacting Liz Newman in good time with accurate travel information.

• Please ensure that all information regarding travel is addressed to the Bursar’s P.A. Liz Newman and not to House Staff, as this can cause delay.

At the start of term we encourage students to arrive between 10am-5pm in order to offer the best induction possible; however arrangements outside of these times can be accommodated.

Air and Rail Tickets
These should, where necessary, be sent to the Bursar’s PA at least two weeks before the end of term. Ticket provision is the responsibility of parents, as also is the matter of confirming flights.

Passport and Visas
The provision and keeping up to date of these documents is the responsibility of parents, who are asked to examine them each holiday, to ensure that they will remain valid for the whole of the following term.
Parents should arrange for renewals and extensions, as necessary, and ensure that full passports are replaced. Passports are to be handed to House staff at the beginning of each term for safe-keeping.

Although the School may not make visa applications on behalf of students, the School does use the services of Newland Chase Education to assist our students with their visas. (The School does have Tier 4 Sponsor status from the UK Visas and Immigration Office). The Admissions team will put Newland Chase in touch with the parents/guardians/agent to begin the visa application process upon acceptance of a place at Rishworth. Newland Chase is also able to help our students with visa renewals.

Vaccinations for foreign travel can be administered through the School and will be kept up to date by Matron provided the vaccination certificate is handed in at the start of each term. All medical information must be submitted to the School prior to the student’s arrival and no later than the start of term.

The Bursar’s PA is well versed in dealing with  most  of  the  problems  that  are  associated with students travelling to and from school. Please do not hesitate to contact  her on Liz Newman with any individual problems that you foresee your child encountering.

Young persons travelling alone
Instructions regarding transport when returning to school:

Air Travellers
Parents should telephone or e-mail school to confirm that their child is travelling as scheduled and to confirm taxi requirements. If a taxi has already been ordered in advance, please telephone the School to let your Housemaster /Housemistress know that you are about to leave the airport.

The  School  telephone  number is: 01422 822217 and the email address is:

Combined Air and Rail Travellers
Students who have travelled by air to London and then continue by train to Manchester or Leeds railway stations, should, on arrival, telephone from the station for a taxi, unless they wish to complete their journey by public transport.

Rail Travellers
Students whose journey in this country is by rail only will be met at the railway station, as and when notified by parents, unless they wish to complete their journey by themselves on public transport.

Rail travellers: If, for some unforeseeable reason, you find yourself stranded at some point, then you should ask to see the person in charge at the station.

In case of difficulty or emergency you are requested to contact:

Rishworth School, Oldham Road, Sowerby Bridge, Halifax HX6 4QA
Telephone: 01422 822217
Calder Duty Mobile: 07376 798676