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School Bus Service

School Bus

Rishworth School works in conjunction with local bus company Swans Travel to provide transport for local pupils.
11 Walsden, Todmorden, Hebden Bridge
44 Rochdale, Bury Road 
66 Grotton, Uppermill, Delph, Oldham 
77 Huddersfield, Halifax

Details of the stops are available on the timetable below. 

We work hard to ensure that where you live is covered by our school bus system. If it is not, please get in touch and let Mrs Liz Newman know and it could be that we are able to amend routes, where there is sufficient demand. Email: Liz Newman

Latest Bus Timetable

Michaelmas Timetable

Cost of bus travel is roughly £250 per term but does vary, please email Ms Liz Newman with your location and number of days per week travel is required for an accurate price. Email: 

Liz Newman