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At Rishworth, every student's individual talents are nurtured. The potential doctor, artist, lawyer, professional athlete or entrepreneur – each is well catered for and each is equally valued.

Our wide curriculum, small class sizes (13 on average at the Senior School and 8 on average in the Sixth Form) combined with top class teaching (graded 'excellent' in the last ISI inspection) mean our students get greater attention and support. 

In our Sixth Form, students receive 6 hours of tuition per subject per week (most schools only offer 4.5); this equates to 90 additional hours over a two-year course. 

At GCSE, students receive 200 minutes per option subject per week (most schools offer around 150 minutes); this equates to 50 additional hours over a two-year course. 

These factors combined are the reason that our exam results are outstanding and that our destination data for leavers, is seriously impressive.