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Years 7-9

Year 7
All pupils take the same subjects largely in mixed-ability tutor groups, although setting will take place in Mathematics during the year.

Subjects studied are:
•    English
•    Mathematics
•    Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
•    Geography
•    History
•    French and Spanish
•    Art
•    Design and Technology
•    Food and Nutrition
•    IT and Computing
•    Music
•    Drama
•    Religious Studies
•    Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education
•    Games and PE


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Years 8 and 9
The subjects are as in Year 7. However, from Year 8 onwards pupils will choose to study either French or Spanish. From Year 8 onwards Mathematics and English will be taught in ability sets and this will also be the case in Science from Year 9.
Homework: Two or three subjects are set each evening. The recommended time is 20-30 minutes per subject in Year 7, rising to 30-40 minutes per subject in Year 9. Pupils in all years are assessed regularly in class, with more formal school examinations taking place in the summer term.