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Sixth Form Academic

Sixth Form
The Sixth Form is very much a part of the whole school community. The younger members of the School will look to senior students for guidance, leadership and example. By acknowledging these responsibilities, a Sixth Former will develop personally.
Students join the Sixth Form at Rishworth with many goals: the fulfilment of their academic potential; the focus for their cultural pursuits and artistic talents; a challenge for their sporting prowess; the development of life-long friendships; a growth in character and confidence; enrichment from a diversity of views and experiences. Students will be encouraged, and have opportunities, to achieve these goals.

In the Sixth Form, Rishworth aims to offer:

  • a high level of individual attention with small class sizes and individual monitoring and assessment to ensure that each student is optimising potential;
  • pleasant sixth-form facilities, including a Sixth Form Centre with areas for study as well as communal areas;
  • opportunities for leadership and personal development as students take on responsibilities associated with being a senior member of the School; these include the prefect system, the sixth-form council and the paired reading scheme;
  • a structured programme of guidance and advice on careers and higher education;
  • scope to develop sporting, musical, theatrical and community interests, as well as providing the framework to develop other individual talents;
  • caring, committed, well-qualified specialist staff who actively support every student in their care;
  • a number of scholarships and bursaries to sixth-form students, details of which may be obtained from the Registrar or Bursar.

Rishworth Sixth Form