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Admissions Application Form

Welcome to our Admissions Application Form Page.

We are delighted you would like to complete an application for consideration to join Rishworth School.

To help your application process run smoothly and in an timely manner. Here are some simple instructions to help you complete the form:

1. Please take time when completing the application form. Before you proceed you will need to ensure you have an attachable birth certificate, passport and school report to attach to the Application Form.

2. Please read the information underneath each field to help you complete the application form in each section.

3. When you have completed details for the 1st Parent or Guardian. You will need to 'Add Additional Contact' if their is another Parent or Guardian to be attached to your Application.

4. You will also need to 'Add Additional Contact' for other people with parental responsibility the school needs to be made aware of to support your child. 

5. Once you have submitted your details an automated email will follow to provide instruction about the next step with your registration fee and completing your application.

6. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at to help complete your application. 

We look forward to discussing your application with you in due course.