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Friends of Rishworth School Sports

The Friends of Rishworth School Sports is a group of volunteers (parents and staff), who meet on a regular basis, to work together to support and enhance Sport and the experience for those participating and watching at school. They also undertake to bring together the wider Rishworth community through arranging alumni and adult sports matches and running social events such as the Sporting Dinner.

They undertake a whole range of activities to raise money including (but not limited) to organising refreshments at sport matches, selling merchandise, running raffles and auctions.

The committee then work together to identify projects to support. Through their generosity, there has been:

  • Lots of fantastic brand new sporting equipment purchased for Heathfield Prep. 
  • The gym in the sports hall at Rishworth has been refurbished

The Committee:

Chair - Phil Eastwood, please e-mail:

Secretary - Toby Wood, please e-mail: