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Boarding Houses


The boarding areas provide top-grade modern facilities whilst preserving the original character of the grand and delightful historic stone buildings which house our boarders.

Most boarding students - and all seniors - are accommodated in single- or double-occupancy rooms (we have no dormitories); some younger (prep school) pupils may share a large study-bedroom with another boarder. Our experience is that shared rooms in the early years can provide a secure and happy basis from which to gain the maximum benefit from boarding.

Older boarders all tend to have their own rooms, though some may also prefer to share with a friend. Boarders treat Rishworth very much as a home from home and are encouraged to personalise their rooms.

Boarding in the Rishworth Sixth Form provides an ideal background to life at University allowing students to live in many ways more independently than at home yet still with appropriate guidance and supervision, and with plenty of opportunities to take on responsibilities. This may explain why Sixth Form boarding at Rishworth is becoming more and more popular.

Boarding Facilities