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A weekend at Rishworth School is never boring, as the boarding staff always give us opportunities to try things that we’ve never done before. Take this week as an example, our maths and chemistry teachers came in to show us how to build a wall! From mixing cement, removing the old mortar, spreading the new mortar, and levelling the bricks. I was really impressed with this as it meant that I have now obtained a new and practical skill that will likely be useful to me in the future.

Later on in the evening, the boarders went out for some Dimsum – an extremely enjoyable experience as this was the first time eating out in such a big group since the beginning of Year 12 (due to COVID-19 regulations).

Enjoying good food whilst laughing at what the others had said really reminded me of family gatherings back home. To say that this was the most fun I had in a while may seem dramatic, but it’s true.

This weekends blog is written by Pam, a Year 13 Boarder from Thailand