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In-house medical cover is provided, twenty-four-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week  throughout the term.

The Surgery
Mrs Robinson is the school Matron in charge of any matters pertaining to your health. Mrs Leach, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Jones assist Matron.

Surgery Times, weekdays: 08.15 - 08.30 and 13.00 – 13.30

Matron is available in the surgery 08.15 – 16.15 on weekdays. (When she is not there the name of staff on duty can be found on the surgery door and notice board. There is also a duty list on your House notice board.)

Medical Care for Boarders

Outside of the times mentioned above, let the House Staff on duty know you are unwell or you can call Matron, or her assistant, on her mobile telephone (07816 985923).

If you are not well enough to be in school or in your House (eg. if you have a temperature), you may be admitted to the sanatorium (San). You will be looked after by Matron and her staff until you are well enough to return to your House.

The School Registered Medical Practitioner (Brig Royd Surgery, Ripponden: Tel 01422 822209). All boarders are encouraged to register with the School’s Registered Medical Practitioner, based at Brig Royd Surgery in Ripponden. They provide the School with 24-hour care and are readily available for advice when needed. The Registered Medical Practitioners have regular surgeries and same day appointments are available if required by Matron.

Boarders may see whichever Registered Medical Practitioner they prefer; girls may feel more comfortable seeing a female Registered Medical Practitioner. Boarders are able to see the Medical Registered Practitioner in private to enable any personal or confidential matters to be discussed.

Your parents need to authorise us to administer medication, or allow you to administer it to yourself. A medical consent form must be completed by the parents or guardians of all students. Any medication prescribed by the Registered Medical Practitioner will be administered by Matron. Medicines may be self-administered by students following the School’s Self-Administration of Medicines Policy after consultation with Matron. Any medication brought into school by a student must be declared to Matron for assessment; including Paracetamol, cold remedies & non UK medication. No medication may be kept in your room unless Matron has given you permission to do so.

Visits to the Hospital
Any special hospital treatment and visits can be arranged if needed by the Registered Medical Practitioner and Matron. If you require hospital treatment due to an injury, Matron or a member of surgery staff on duty will arrange for you to be escorted to casualty for medical treatment.

Dental Treatment
Matron can arrange all dental and orthodontist treatment you may need.

The Optician
The school optician is Whitakers in Sowerby Bridge. (Tel. 01422 831030)
Matron can arrange all visits to the optician for vision tests, new glasses and repairs.