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Heathfield Uniform

Heathfield Uniform

The requirements for Nursery, Reception and the rest of Heathfield differ, so please see the relevant Uniform lists below.  We expect the children to be very smartly presented and wearing correct uniform at all times.  When appropriate, shirts / blouses should be fully buttoned, tucked in and ties knotted to cover the top button. 

We encourage every child to develop a sense of pride in his or her own appearance, with regard not only to uniform but also to hair, clean shoes, tidiness, etc.  Girls’ hair should be tied up with a maroon or black band. Eccentric cuts and colours are not allowed.

Earrings are allowed - one in each lobe and wrist watches are permitted (but not smart watches). 

Make-up, dyed hair or eccentric hair styles are not allowed. 

PE/Games/Swimming Kit

P.E./Games/Swimming Kit should be brought in at the start of each week and kept in the designated cloakroom.

All pupils should use the Heathfield sports bag to bring equipment and kit to school. 

 All uniform MUST be clearly named – this includes sports kit. 


All School items are available from the Schoolblazer web site:  School Blazer Website