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Music is vibrant at Rishworth and this is reflected in the huge range of musical activities such as orchestra, string ensemble, jazz band, rock bands, funk band, guitar ensemble and choirs. 

Annual events always create a buzz around school, with the Rishworth Young Musician of the Year competition, held at both junior and senior levels, and our annual Musical Production.

The purpose-built Chan Music School has a large number of practice rooms for pupils who are learning an instrument, with a roomy classroom equipped with a range of keyboards and musical tech. This is enhanced by our Performing Arts Centre with its big stage and auditorium for main performances.

Unparalleled performing opportunities exist for pupils of all abilities with multiple concerts each year ranging from informal lunchtime recitals to orchestral performances at prestigious venues such as Halifax Minster.  Furthermore, tours have taken our musicians to some exciting places such and this year they are going to Paris. This will be an excellent opportunity for our musicians to perform in unique and exciting international settings which may include Disneyland and Notre Dame Cathedral. Alongside this, we will also be having excursions and a day at Disneyland Theme Park.

Musical Performances - Christmas 2021

As part of the Enrichment & Extension programme at Rishworth and Heathfield, students take part in a variety of activities and groups, including the Rishworth Choir, Young Voices, Percussion Group and individual performing arts. All can be seen in the video above which was filmed for a special Christmas montage in 2021.