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Medical Society


At Rishworth, our Medical Society was set up to support students who wish to pursue a career in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry nursing, physiotherapy and other healthcare-related courses at university.

We aim to introduce students to the interview process for medical, dentistry and veterinary medicine for both university and Oxbridge applications.

Preparation for the UKCAT and BMAT examinations and interviews (biomedical admissions tests) are essential for a successful application to study a health-related course.

As a member of the Medical Society, example university interview questions are discussed, modeled, refined and practiced to allow students to receive feedback and critique responses.

The process of Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI’s) are broken down into individual stations so that the students can experience first-hand how to successfully complete a station and avoid common pitfalls. These MMI’s range from roleplay, videos and problem solving.

We also endeavour to support and guide students in finding valuable volunteering, work experience and opportunities to develop their team working and leadership skills.

In addition to the interview technique, we will work with students to develop a robust personal UCAS statement, provide advice about the different university courses available to students, discuss recent developments and challenges of working within their chosen sector and have students present to an audience on a related topic of their choice. Guest speakers are also invited into Rishworth to share their personal experiences with the students.

There are many advantages to joining the Medical Society at Rishworth. We have created a community and support network that will guide students through every step of the application process. Students can practice their leadership, communication and team working skills as well as showing a great commitment to a career in Medicine and other healthcare professions.  

The Medical Society meets once a week for 1hr after school. It is recommended for students in Y11 and Y12 to join in September and continue to attend until after they have achieved a successful interview for university.