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The mentoring scheme is for students that have been identified through formal and informal monitoring and are identified as having a low feelings of self-esteem, organisational issues or are showing signs of being disengaged. Staff then work with the mentee to drill down into the barriers behind the identified need, unpick misconceptions and to support the student with specific interventions ranging from support with making positive relationships, confidence building to organisational skills for example. The interventions are as diverse as the students. The students initially are mentored for a 6-8 intensive period weekly with a follow up at the end to reassess their feelings, relationships and how they feel they are coping with day to day school life.

We use the PASS survey twice a year to formally identify students who may not be openly exhibiting signs of needing further intervention. In addition, where there is an identified need we use the Strengths and Difficulties Survey at a 12 weekly interval to monitor student emotional wellbeing, issues they may have around conflict, monitor lack of focus and also to monitor stress levels.

Parents are routinely informed and consulted about these interactions. Where the needs of a student go beyond the expertise of the staff in school, families will be signposted to appropriate support agencies.