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Achievements and Representative Honours

Sport and Rishworth School are utterly synonymous. We are well renowned for our sporting excellence and have international standard coaching. Sports are an integral part of school life and all students have both Physical Education and Games timetabled every week.

Sport is played as part of the time-table, at lunch times, as a before school or after-school club and matches are played on a Wednesday afternoon or Saturday morning. 

We encourage a healthy life style and this is supported by our catering department where the emphasis is on freshly made, healthy and tasty foods. 

We also have two excellent gyms and a pool, which support the strength and conditioning aspect of training. 

We play lots of competitive sport in both local Calderdale Schools leagues and in the Independent Schools League. 

As a result many Rishworthians (past and present) play sport at a professional club standard, many going on to represent their county or even their country. 

Below is a list of Rishworthians with such honours. There are some current sporting hero's immediately below, followed by lists from the Year 2000 of Rishworthians who have achieved: International, County level and Professional level sporting success. 


Achievements and Representative Honours 2023-2024

Current Students, include:

Amber Mothersdale: GB Junior Dressage Squad

Jack Billington: Huddersfield Giants First Team and Yorkshire Rugby Academy U18's

Ben Parkin: Yorkshire Rugby Academy U18’s

Mille Wildbore: Blackburn and District Pony Club and competed for the The Prince Philip Cup at the Horse of The Year Show

Jake Goldthorpe-Smith: Bradford Bulls U18's & enrolled on Level 3 Pearson BTEC Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE) qualification

Harry Fell: Rugby league scholarship with Huddersfield Giants U15's

Maisie Buckley: Calderdale Netball Squad U13's

Amelia Buckley: Lancashire Girls Cricket U13's

Amy Wilson: Calderdale District Netball U15's

Isabel Henderson: Calderdale District Netball U15's

Taylor Gregory (and team) came third in the UK Hip Hop Championships

Alex Lister: Team GB Fencing

Ava Eastwood: U14 Yorkshire Hockey Academy Squad

Connie Wood: Yorkshire Hockey Academy Squad

Former Students, include:

George Ford: Leicester Tigers RUFC & England Rugby Union

Gina Speakman: GB Modern Pentathlon U18’s, Olympic Podium Potential programme

Emyr Huws: Colchester United FC, formerly Manchester City FC, Ipswich Town FC & Wales

Gareth Widdop: Warrington Wolves and England RL

Josie Rixon: England Hockey U21’s

Daniel Kelly: Leicester Tigers RUFC & England Rugby Union

Richard Hunwicks: Head of Human Performance at Catalan Dragons, previously England Rugby League

Joe Ford: Coach at Doncaster Knights RUFC, previously played for Northampton Saints and Sale Sharks RUFC

Tom Inman: Warrington Wolves RL

Tom Parkin: Doncaster Knights RUFC

Alice Weightman: Team GB Showjumping

Charlotte Lutener: Team GB Dressage

Emma Fletcher: Leeds Rhinos Netball U18's

Tom Parkin, Yorkshire Rugby Academy U19 and Doncaster Knights

Finlay Stewart: Huddersfield Giants U19’s

Spencer Peel: Huddersfield Giants U19’s

Louis Inman: Yorkshire Rugby Academy U18’s

Haris Hussain: Yorkshire Rugby Academy U18’s

Jasper Male: Leicestershire CCC U18’s



2001-03 Wales Hockey - Lucy Kidd
2001-05 England Badminton - Helen Calverley
2001 England - Rugby Union -Ben Lloyd
2001 England Students' Rugby Union - Philip Webster
2003 Great Britain Rugby League - Joe Walsh
2003 Great Britain Rugby League - Nick Reddyoff
2005-12 England Golf - Helen Searle
2005 Great Britain Tetrathlon - Abigail Montgomery
2005 Great Britain Tetrathlon - Joelle O'Neill
2006 Great Britain Pentathlon - Abigail Montgomery
2006-10 England Rugby Union - George Ford
2007 England Rugby Union - Joseph Ford
2007 USA Squash - Olivia Blatchford
2007-09 Great Britain Pentathlon - Joelle O'Neill
2007-10 Great Britain Water Polo - Anna Sutcliffe
2008 Great Britain Pentathlon - Hannah Clegg
2008-14 Great Britain Fencing - Sadie Greetham
2008 Wales Football - Emyr Huws
2008-09 Great Britain Swimming - Scarlett Wilson
2009 England Rugby League - William Milner
2009-14 Great Britain Water Polo - Emily Sutcliffe
2010 Great Britain Fencing - Joelle O'Neill
2012-14 England Rugby Union - Liam Parfitt
2013-15 England ISFA Football - Isaac Baldwin
2016-19 Great Britain Trampoline - Willow Clarke-May
2017 England BYRDS Dressage - Charlotte Lutener
2017 England Pentathlon - Gina Speakman
2018 England BYRDS Dressage - Lucinda Mothersdale
2018 England Fencing - Alex Lister
2018 England BYRDS Dressage - Clara Withers
2019 England Lions Rugby League - Niall Green
2019 Pakistan Cricket - Shehroz Akram
2020 Great Britain Pentathlon - Gina Speakman
2020 Great Britain Show Jumping - Alice Weightman
2021 England BYRDS Dressage - Amber Mothersdale


2002 Ben Lloyd Rugby Union - Sale Sharks
2002 Philip Nilsen Rugby Union -  Leeds Tykes
2007 Joe Walsh Rugby League - Harlequins RL
2008 Scott Armstrong Rugby Union - Leeds Tykes
2009 Joseph Ford Rugby Union - Leeds Tykes
2009 Elliot Hodgson Rugby League - Huddersfield Giants
2010 George Ford Rugby Union - Leicester Tigers
2010 Gareth Widdop Rugby League - Melbourne Storm RL
2011 William Milner Rugby League - Warrington Wolves
2012 Emyr Huws Football - Manchester City
2013 Sultan Alsuwadi Football - Al Jazira FC
2014 Liam Parfitt Rugby Union - Sale Sharks
2015 James Pollard Football - Bradford City AFC
2017 Scott Moloney Football - Bury FC
2020 Daniel Kelly Rugby Union - Leicester Tigers
2021 Tom Inman Rugby League - Warrington Wolves


2000 Lancashire Clubs' Rugby Paul Millea
2000 Lancashire Clubs' Rugby Andrew Soutar
2000 Lancashire Clubs' Rugby Daniel Hunter
2000 Lancashire Clubs' Rugby Philip Webster
2000 Lancashire Clubs' Rugby Chris Soutar
2000 Lancashire Clubs' Rugby David Keane
2000 Lancashire Clubs' Rugby Des Blackburn
2000-04 Yorkshire Schools' Rugby Union Nicholas Sharpe
2001 North of England Polo Cross James Robertson
2001 North of England Hockey Lucy Kidd
2001 North of England Rugby Union NIck Reddyoff
2001 North of England Rugby League Joseph Walsh
2001 Yorkshire Badminton Helen Calverley
2002 Lancashire Schools' Rugby Des Blackburn
2002 Lancashire Schools' Rugby David Keane
2002 Lancashire Schools' Rugby Ben Lloyd
2002-3 Lancashire Schools' Rugby Philip Nielsen
2003 North of England Hockey Danielle O'Neill
2003-04 Lancashire Schools' Rugby MIchael Jones
2003-04 Lancashire Schools' Rugby Graeme Spencer
2003-4 Lancashire Clubs' Rugby Michale Milward
2003-4 Lancashire Clubs' Rugby Mark Bonati
2003 Yorkshire Hockey Danielle O'Neill
2004 Lancashire Clubs' Rugby Tom Andrews
2004 Lancashire Clubs' Rugby Chris Stone
2004 Lancashire Clubs' Rugby Joe Redfern
2004-07 North of England Hockey Harriet Moore
2004-05 Yorkshire Biathlon Liam O'Neill
2004 Yorkshire Rugby Union NIck Reddyoff
2004 Yorkshire Rugby Union Joseph Walsh
2004-05 Lancashire Schools' Rugby Union Scott Armstrong
2004-05 Lancashire Schools' Rugby Union John Hilton
2004 Yorkshire Pentathlon Abigail Montgomery
2005 North of England Hockey Joelle O'Neill
2005-07 North of England Hockey Josie Rixon
2005 North of England Hockey Alex Jobson
2005-06 Lancashire Rugby Union Jack Andrews
2005 Lancashire Rugby Union Ryan Monks
2005 North of England Rugby Union Nick Butler
2005 Yorkshire Golf Helen Searle
2006-07 Yorkshire Netball Harriet Moore
2006 Yorkshire Rugby Union Edward Cockroft
2006 Yorkshire Rugby Union Andrew Curwell
2006 Yorkshire Rugby Union Gilbert Gregory
2014 Yorkshire Pentathlon Alice Sismanovic
2015 North East Counties Swimming Hannah Speakman
2015-17 Accrington Stanley FC Jordan Moseley
2015-16 Yorkshire Rugby ERDP Toby Muscat Baron
2015-18 Yorkshire Rugby ERDP Nathan Cullen
2015 West Yorkshire Hockey Alexander Gloag
2015-16 West Yorkshire Hockey Joe Costello
2015 West Yorkshire Hockey Alice Sismanovic
2016 North of England Hockey Emma Bower
2016 Yorkshire Swimming Gabriella Courtnell
2016-20 West Yorkshire Hockey Georgie Westwood
2016-17 West Yorkshire Hockey Anshrah Shaqib
2016 Yorkshire Rugby Union Jacob Tansey
2016 West Yorkshire Netball Academy Lilly Furse
2016 West Yorkshire Hockey Lily Wilkinson Shaw
2016-2021 Yorkshire Carneige ERDP Tom Parkin
2016-19 Yorkshire Carneige ERDP Tom Inman
2016-19 Yorkshire County Cricket Club Max Didgiunaitus
2017-20 Yorkshire Badminton Louise Hutchinson
2017 Sale Sharks Academy Daniel Kelly
2017 Sale Sharks Academy Toby Muscat Baron
2017 Sale Sharks Academy Kian Stewart
2017 Yorkshire Carneige ERDP Finlay Stewart
2017-19 West Yorkshire Hockey Archie King
2017 West Yorkshire Hockey Annabelle Shaw
2017-19 West Yorkshire Hockey Emily Crowe
2017 West Yorkshire Hockey Charlotte Taylor
2017-18 West Yorkshire Hockey Hannah Foxcroft
2017 Greater Manchester Hockey Millie Fraser
2017 Yorkshire Netball Lilly Furse
2018 West Yorkshire Hockey Hannah Speakman
2018 Lancashire Cricket Calum Hill
2018 Yorkshire Gymnastics Joel Booth
2018-20 Manchester Thunder Emma Fletcher
2018-22 Yorkshire Carneige ERDP Louis Inman
2018- Warrington Wolves RL Academy Tom Inman
2018-19 Huddersfield Giants RL Academy Finlay Stewart
2018-20 Sale Sharks ERDP Sam Wilson
2018-20 Yorkshire Badminton Sam Roberts
2018-20 Yorkshire Cricket Jasper Male
2018 Yorkshire Cricket Sheroz Akram
2019 North of England Hockey Georgie Westwood
2019 West Yorkshire Hockey Isabelle Crowe
2019 West Yorkshire Hockey Lilly Furse
2006 Yorkshire Rugby Union Eliot Hodgson
2007-09 Leeds Rhinos Academy Rugby League Andrew Curwell
2007 North of England Hockey Harriet Moore
2007-08 North West Rowing Elizabeth Moore
2008-12 Oldham Athletic AFC Jack Poxon
2008-12 Huddersfield Town AFC James Pollard
2008-12 Huddersfield Town AFC Isaac Baldwin
2008-12 Huddersfield Town AFC Sean Collins
2008 Lancashire Hockey Tom White
2009 Lancashire Cricket Liam Parfitt
2009-12 West Yorkshire Hockey Phillipa Wilkinson
2009 Lancashire Swimming Kyle Clegg
2009-11 West Yorkshire Hockey Annalea Staples
2010 West Yorkshire Hockey Liberty Baxter-Cox
2010 Warrington Wolves RL Academy Liam Parfitt
2010 Greater Manchester Netball Georgie-Anne Quinn
2012 Lancashire Badminton Tom Hutchinson
2010-12 West Yorkshire Hockey Hannah Newby
2011-14 Yorkshire Netball Academy Beth Mawson
2012 Northern Thunder NTL Jessica Moloney
2013-14 West Yorkshire Netball Lauren McCarthy
2013 West Yorkshire Netball Lucy Hirst
2013 West Yorkshire Netball Gemma Moloney
2013 North East Counties Swimming Scott Lewis
2013 North of England Rugby Union Liam Parfitt
2013-16 Manchester Thunder NTL Hannah Fletcher
2013 Yorkshire Rugby Union Ben Rooney
2013 Yorkshire Rugby Union Chris Bell
2013 Huddersfield Town AFC Scott Moloney
2013 Huddersfield Town AFC Kian Stewart
2013-16 West Yorkshire Hockey Emma Bower
2013-16 West Yorkshire Hockey Molly Roberts
2013 West Yorkshire Hockey Hannah Newby
2013-15 Yorkshire ERDP Jacob Bower
2013 Yorkshire ERDP Ben Westbury
2013 Yorkshire ERDP Ryan Swyer
2013 Yorkshire ERDP Sam Fletcher
2013 Yorkshire ERDP Oliver Marshall
2014 North of England Rugby Union Chris Bell
2014-17 Yorkshire Rugby ERDP George Wright
2014 Yorkshire ERDP Tom Jowle
2014 Yorkshire Rugby ERDP Sam Lovering
2014-15 Yorkshire Rugby ERDP Kian Stewart
2014-16 Yorkshire Rugby ERDP Daniel Kelly
2019 West Yorkshire Hockey Charlie Slim
2019 Yorkshire Cricket Jack Billington
2019 Yorkshire Carneige ERDP Jack Billington
2019 Yorkshire Carneige ERDP Ben Parkin
2019-20 Yorkshire Carneige ERDP Oliver Vining
2019-22 Yorkshire Carneige ERDP Toby Morley
2019 Yorkshire Carneige ERDP Jake Goldthorpe-Smith
2019 Yorkshire Carneige ERDP Leo Kemp
2019 Huddersfield Giants RL Academy Spencer Peel
2020 Yorkshire Rugby Academy Anthony McCormack
2020-2021 Sale Sharks Academy Sam Curley
2020-22 Leicestershire CCC Jasper Male
2020-22 Leicestershire CCC Sheroz Akram
2020 Bradford Bulls RL Academy Jake Goldthorpe-Smith
2020 Huddersfield Giants RL Academy Toby Morley
2020 Huddersfield Giants RL Academy Jack Billington
2021 West Yorkshire Hockey Ava Eastwood
2021 Huddersfield Giants RL Academy Harry Fell
2021 West Yorkshire Hockey Harry Ashford
2021 Greater Manchester Hockey Scarlett Brooke
2021 Lancashire Cricket Amelia Buckley
2021 Sale Sharks Academy Josef Kowalczuk
2021 Leeds Rhinos Netball Emma Fletcher