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Badminton Academy

The aim of our Academy is to give promising young badminton players the skills and knowledge to progress in the Badminton England national circuit, gain county representative honours, and even gain international representation.

Helen Calverley is the main coach at the Academy. She is a qualified Level 3 head coach and an ex-Rishworth student. Helen, whilst studying at Rishworth, gained continuous representative honours for England throughout her time at the school.

Whilst there is never any guarantee of future success, we believe that through hard work and dedication, coupled with ViveSport and Rishworth's joint programme of technical, tactical and athletic development, young players will have all the tools at their disposal to succeed and become the best they can be.

An individualised training programme delivered by our highly qualified and experienced head coach focuses on personal skill and tactical development. The athletic development programme runs alongside this to enhance all physical components essential for each player to become the best badminton player they can be and reach their potential.

As a school, in Years 7-11 Rishworth competes in the National School Games tournaments, where the standard of play in the regional rounds, and beyond, is high. Once in Sixth Form, Rishworth competes in the British Schools Sixth Form and Colleges Yorkshire Cup, which again offers a high standard of match play against the best players across the county. On a more local level Rishworth also plays matches against other schools throughout the north ensuring players of all levels can experience competitive play.