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Rishworth Uniform

Rishworth School Uniform

All the below items are available from our official school uniform provider;




Regulation maroon with badge

Pleated skirt

Years 7 to 11 pleated skirt, no shorter than 4-5cm above the knee


Regulation dark grey or black


Regulation plain white, shirt – long or short sleeve with traditional collar


Regulation mid grey or maroon


Plain dark grey, black or white socks or black tights


Sensible low-heeled black leather – heels exceeding 5cms and narrow heels are not suitable

School Tie

Regulation maroon with crest

Scarf and hat

Regulation scarf/hat or plain black/maroon


Winter coat/anorak in a dark colour


All bags should be of a dark colour. Parents are advised to consider the heavy weight of books carried by students when selecting a school bag. The School recommend, for ease of carrying and avoidance of back pain, a two-strap ‘day sack’ carried square on the back.


Personal Appearance:

Hair styles. Should be neat and conventional. Eccentric styles and hair colours that are not within the realm of the ‘natural’ palate are not acceptable. For Health and Safety reasons, students should be ready to tie back long hair. Only plain hair accessories may be worn.

Facial hair. Students in Year 10 and below should be clean shaven. Students in Year 11 and the Sixth Form should keep facial hair groomed and professional.

Body piercing and tattoos. Any form of visible body piercing or tattooing beyond the single stud per ear mentioned above is not allowed.

Jewellery. A wristwatch may be worn.

Ear piercings. A maximum of one small plain stud per ear lobe may be worn.

All jewellery including ear studs must be removed for all PE and Games lessons and practical lessons such as Food & Nutrition and, during such lessons will remain the responsibility of the student. Any piercings which take place during the school holidays must be healed by the time students return to school in order that they can be removed.

No other jewellery may be worn.

Make up. Make up which may be worn by students in Year 9 or above includes clear, black or brown mascara, lip balm, concealer and natural foundation. Application must be subtle and adhere to a conservative, natural and professional look. Fake tan is not appropriate for students in school.

Nail varnish. Nail varnish, false or acrylic nails may not be worn.

Students will be asked to remove nail varnish and make up using products supplied by the School if they ignore this advice.

The School reserves the right to ask that a student be taken home and not returned to School until the offending contravention of the rules is removed.

Sports Clothing & Sports Equipment List

Compulsory Clothing

School Rugby / Hockey Playing Shirt

School Rugby Shorts / Hockey Skort

School Games Socks

School Hooded Sweatshirt

School PE Shirt

White Sport Socks

Navy Blue Tracksuit Bottoms

Black Swim Shorts / Trunks / Costume


Optional clothing

School Waterproof Jacket

Navy Blue Waterproof Trousers

White Base Layer

Polar Fleece Beany

Navy Blue Fitness Leggings


Compulsory Games Equipment (when participating in the relevant sports)

Gum shield for Rugby / Hockey (dentally fitted, strongly recommended)

Shin pads for Football / Hockey

Football Boots for Football / Rugby / Hockey

Hockey Stick where taught



Recommended Additional Equipment (when participating in the relevant sports)

Jockstrap & Cricket Box

Left hand protective hockey glove

Rugby Scrum Cap and Upper-Body Padding

Tennis Racket

All the above items (except dentally fitted gum shields) will be available from the School Uniform Shop at Many of the items are also available from other outlets, but in the interests of equality and uniformity, no students will be permitted to wear branded clothing [such as Nike or Adidas etc.].